What is FTD
What is FTD?
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We welcome you to our website. Frontotemporal dementia (FTD) is a rare form of dementia, accounting for around 10% of dementia diagnoses. It often occurs between 45 and 65 years of age, but can be seen in older and younger people. It can be difficult to diagnose, with accurate diagnosis often taking several years. FTD presents differently in the early stages to many other types of dementia, often appearing as personality, behaviour or language changes rather than changes in memory. The Australian Frontotemporal Dementia Association is comprised of board members with lived experience of FTD, along with health professionals experienced with FTD. We are here to help.

Macquarie University neuroscientists have developed a single-dose genetic medicine that has been proven to halt the progression of both motor neurone disease (MND) and frontotemporal dementia (FTD) in mice. The new treatment, dubbed CTx1000, targets pathological build-ups of the protein TDP-43 in cells in the brain and spinal cord.

AFTDA have formed a partnership with Dementia Support Australia to launch Carer Conversations.

The AFTDA and Dementia Support Australia are working in partnership to develop and run a nationwide network of support groups called Carer Conversations. Designed for carers who are supporting someone living with Frontotemporal Dementia, the groups are an opportunity for you to meet with other carers either face to face or virtually. The groups are facilitated by health professionals with expertise in FTD and consultants from Dementia Support Australia who provide specific tailored advice on behaviour support for the changes that may be occurring as a result of this diagnosis. Run once a month, Carer Conversations are a safe space for you to gain support, share and learn.

These groups will commence later in 2024 and we encourage you to register your interest so we can enrol you in programs in your area – either face to face or online.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at the AFTDA with any questions. More information is available by clicking on the ‘read more’ button below.

Bruce Willis diagnosed with Frontotemporal dementia

Bruce Willis diagnosed with Frontotemporal dementia
In 2023 it was announced that American actor Bruce Willis had been diagnosed with Frontotemporal dementia. Willis’ family have been generous in sharing this difficult news, as they want to utilise Bruce Willis’ high profile to highlight that there is a need for more awareness of FTD, more research and more clinical trials.

The Willis family statement can be read here.

Professor Olivier Piguet of the Australian FTD Association was recently interviewed by Channel 10 on the diagnosis of Bruce Willis. Watch Prof Olivier comment on Bruce Willis’ diagnosis here.

International Dementia Conference
Sydney, 4-5th September 2024

Hosted in Sydney, hear from an array of clinical experts, health professionals, researchers, and industry leaders in dementia care at the International Dementia Conference. Topics include the latest treatment advances in dementia, government policy, palliative care, living well with dementia, and many more.

Learn more & register for the International Dementia Conference here

World FTD Awareness Week
September 2024

The annual World FTD Awareness Week is set to take place September 22-29 2024 and is organised by World FTD United.

The theme this year is “We are all in this together”.

More details coming soon!

Star AFTDA fundraiser
Daisy Dumas

Daisy ran the 2023 Sydney Marathon to raise money for the AFTDA. It was a very personal event for Daisy as her mother was diagnosed with FTD. Daisy raised over $12,000 for the AFTDA and her amazing fundraising has made it possible for the AFTDA to upgrade our website and support more families living with FTD.

Thank you so much Daisy!