AFTDA in partnership with Dementia Support Australia to launch Carer Conversations late 2024

The AFTDA is excited to announce a new partnership with Dementia Support Australia (DSA). Together we are developing a national network of support groups for FTD carers known as Carer Conversations. These groups will meet face to face or online and will be co-facilitated by health professionals with expertise in FTD, and dementia consultants from DSA.

For more information and to register your interest in online and face-to-face groups in your area, click HERE


September 22 to 29 2024

The theme this year is

“We are all in this together”
Details coming soon! 

World FTD Awareness week is a global annual event that is usually held in the last week of September. Each year, those living with FTD and their families, organisations, research centres, and clinicians gather with the primary goal of spreading awareness about what FTD is and its impact. 

FTD Awareness Week 2023

FTD Awareness Week 2022 – The journey to diagnosis:

FTD Awareness Week 2021 – A global conversation:

FTD Awareness Week 2020 – World FTD Marathon:


4-5 September 2024 

The International Dementia Conference is a highly respected conference that is attended by leaders in the field of dementia care, including clinical experts, industry leaders, and importantly those with lived experience of dementia. This year, members of the AFTDA have been invited to present at the IDC, sharing their experience and knowledge of FTD. 


19 – 22 September 2024 

Amsterdam, The Netherlands 

The 14th International Society for FTD (ISFTD) will be held in Amsterdam. The conference will showcase the latest research in FTD as presented by neurologists, psychiatrists, geriatricians, and neuropsychologists with special interest in FTD and other dementias. There will also be a dedicated day for carers of loved ones with FTD. Members of the AFTDA will be in attendance and presenting at the conference. 


September 2024 

Details coming soon!

Bruce Willis
diagnosed with FTD 

On February 16, 2023 it was announced that American actor Bruce Willis had been diagnosed with Frontotemporal dementia. Willis’ family released a comprehensive and touching statement through the American FTD Association. In their statement, the Willis family thanked the public for their support, and highlighted the devastating impact that FTD can have, particularly when language difficulties are the main symptom, as is the case with Bruce Willis. They also wished to highlight that there is a need for more awareness and research of FTD so that others may not only understand but may also be helped through a diagnosis of FTD.

We are grateful to both Willis and his family for sharing this important news, as it will help to spread awareness about Frontotemporal dementia. We extend our support to the Willis family as they share this important news and continue in the journey with FTD.

The Willis family statement can be read here.

Professor Olivier Piguet of the Australian FTD Association was recently interviewed by Channel 10 on the diagnosis of Bruce Willis. Watch Prof Olivier comment on Bruce Willis’ diagnosis here.

AFTDA Grassrootz Fundraising

Daisy Dumas raised $12 000 for the AFTDA at the 2023 Sydney Marathon.

The AFTDA are committed to raising awareness of FTD and providing support to individuals and organisations responding to the challenges of FTD. We are always interested to hear about fundraising ideas, and to support and collaborate with individuals, businesses, corporations, and group fundraising initiatives where possible. If registered to fundraise for the AFTDA, we can look to provide merchandise to support fundraising efforts. 

The AFTDA Grassrootz Fundraising: 

Daisy ran the 2023 Sydney Marathon to raise money for the AFTDA. It was a very personal event for Daisy as her mother was diagnosed with FTD. Daisy raised over $12,000 for the AFTDA and her amazing fundraising has made it possible for the AFTDA to upgrade our website and support more families living with FTD. Thank you so much Daisy!


Kell’s ride for the future

At the age of 60, and recently diagnosed with FTD, Greg Kelly embarked on a ‘Ride for the future’, riding his Harley Davidson across Australia, New Zealand, and the USA starting August 12th 2019 to raise awareness for FTD and younger-onset dementia.

Dementia Expert Webinar: Amy Brodtmann – Frontotemporal dementias 

Australians living with Frontotemporal dementia